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NarcoCheck - Made in France
A full line of urine drug tests, saliva drug tests and solid substances drug tests.
Rapid drug tests can detect any use of narcotic drugs.
In just 5 minutes, our drug tests deliver a clear and reliable response (up to 99%).


• For road safety: provides you with simple and economical tools to practice preventive self-screening before driving. These saliva tests will help you to know if you can drive or not.

• For worried families and parents: offers the most reliable and easy to use drug tests. Our tests detect the drugs that are currently in the streets, the night clubs and the rooms of our teenagers.

• For drug users: helps you evaluate your own situation with drugs. In a voluntaristic risks reduction approach, we offer you every possible urine and saliva tests for your self-screening, but also tests for the identification of solid substances, as well as tests to evaluate the purity of certain drugs.

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