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Our whole line of drug test is made under 98/79/CE regulations and ISO certified

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adapted to be used outside a medical setting,
at home by private individuals.

Founded in 2005, Kappa City Biotech SAS is specialized in the manufacture of In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices, and more particularly of immuno-chromatographic tests, that is to say rapid tests operating on the principle of an antibody/antigen reaction.

Manufacturer of innovative and highly reliable screening tests, we distribute our products to professionals and individuals in France and abroad.

With a real expertise in narcotics and addictive drug substances, we launched in 2008 the brand NarcoCheck ®, which offers one of the most comprehensive catalogs of urine, salivary, capillary, invisible traces detection and substance identification tests, which can detect up to 150 different psychoactive substances.

Our catalog of products and our list of identifiable parameters keep evolving, in order to always stay in step with the new consumption trends and the new needs of professionals in the field.

The quality of our products is ISO 13485 certified by the LNE-GMED, the French certifying body of reference.

Kappa City Biotech is today the trusted provider of the most demanding professionals, such as public or private hospitals, laboratories, police forces, customs and companies employing staff with responsibility.

They trust us :

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Paris Police Headquarters, French Army, French Navy, Public Hospitals, Occupational Medicine, Le Tour de France

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