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Drug self-testing: why are more and more individuals opting for this solution?

Drug self-testing: why are more and more individuals opting for this solution?


Drug self-testing is gaining popularity, meeting the needs of those who occasionally use psychoactive substances. Before driving or working in a responsible position, many users want to make sure that their body has eliminated all traces of drugs. Fear of unannounced testing appears to be a key factor in this phenomenon, which helps to make users more accountable.

A growing phenomenon

More and more individuals are buying drug tests for their personal use. This might seem a bit incongruous (nobody needs a test to know his own drug consumption), but it actually provides a solution to a real need in some situations.

Of course, we do not recommend any form of consumption of illicit or psychoactive substances, but it would obviously be counterproductive to ignore the fact that an ever increasing part of the population uses drugs such as cannabis or cocaine from time to time.

Until now, the very occasional users seemed to forget that even a "small misbehaviour" during a party can have serious consequences, because smoking even one joint can leave traces in the urine and blood for several days. However, it seems lately that this detail is becoming a real concern for a growing part of the users, especially with the multiplication of situations where they are asked to submit to a drug test.

This is why we see a new phenomenon developing: we now make sure by ourselves that all traces of drugs have been eliminated from our system, before driving or occupying a job that requires full physical and intellectual capacities.

So, have drug users become more responsible?

We would like to think so. However, it is likely that the fear of unannounced testing plays a central role in this development of home drug testing. Losing one's driver's license or job seems to be more "empowering" than the mere consideration of other drivers or co-workers. Thus, fear remains a key factor in behavior change.

How can you perform a drug self-test?

Several methods are available:

Saliva tests

They are used mainly on the same principle as breathalyzer tests, in order to ensure that one is not under the influence of drugs. They are now becoming available to individuals at very competitive prices.

PharmaDrugTest.com offers you one of the most accurate tests on the market. It will help you to know if you can take the road or not.

Urine tests

They are used to determine the presence or absence of drug traces in urine. They are extremely economical and allow to make frequent screening.

PharmaDrugTest.com offers you a complete range of urine tests. Each of these strips (here on the right) detects a specific drug. Just click on the one you want to test.

You have therefore the possibility to test yourself at any time, for an extremely low cost!

The most popular urine tests

Cannabis urine tests with pre-dosage

They are used to monitor the THC level in urine.

The NaroCheck® PreDosage test not only gives a positive or negative result, but also clearly indicates whether the urine tested is low or high in THC.

This makes it possible to check for the disappearance of any trace of THC, even at very low levels of concentration.

It will also allow many users to realize that their occasional "little deviations" are not as harmless as they think. Reaching the maximum detection level of this test will certainly be a surprise for many cannabis smokers, which may help to raise awareness of the dangerousness of their consumption habits.

The test shown here is the NarocCheck® PreDosage test which detects cannabis on 3 levels of detection.

  • Level 1 : LOW (urine slightly positive for THC)
  • Level 2 : MEDIUM (urine significantly positive for THC)
  • Level 3 : HIGH (urine strongly positive for THC)
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