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Drugs: the screening tests that detect everything!

Drugs: the screening tests that detect everything!


Discover the multi-drug screening tests, simple, fast and efficient to detect all the drugs most used by young people and first-time users. Saliva multi-tests allow a quick detection of any trace of drugs when leaving parties or night clubs, while urine tests are more adapted to a wider and preventive detection.

What drugs should we be wary of for our children or loved ones?

This question can be asked in two cases:

  • When you want to know about drugs in general, and those most used by teenagers in particular.

  • When you want to do rapid drug tests. These tests are done at home (and therefore anonymously), in a few minutes, without complex manipulation or sending a sample to a laboratory. But you still need to know what drugs to look for.

The drug problem is becoming more and more complex every year, with the multiplication of substances and risky behaviors. Today, we hear that cannabis has become as commonplace as cigarettes, that cocaine is now used by people under 15, and that ecstasy pills are consumed at night with as little restraint as energy drinks.

It is therefore totally impossible for parents to know which drug will be offered to their children one day. The same is true for associations, which follow former drug addicts in the process of withdrawal. If they choose to turn to an alternative drug, it is impossible to know which one.

Also, what is the point of frequently testing for cannabis if the person being tested is using ecstasy or speed? There are so many different products that it becomes difficult to know where the danger might come from.

If you're not sure, screen broadly!

Paying attention to drugs in general and not to a specific drug ensures that you don't miss crucial information. Also, when frequent drug testing is used to deter drug use, the most effective test is a multi-drug test, which is capable of detecting several drugs at once.

Multi-Drugs Tests

Multi-drug tests have been specifically designed for this purpose: to allow for a very broad prevention program covering all the drugs most commonly used by young people and first-time drug users. They screen for the most commonly used drugs at one time and in just 5 minutes.

Multi-drugs saliva tests

They are simple to use and very effective.

Two major advantages:

  • They are minimally invasive for the persons being tested. No urine sample to provide or blood test to do in a laboratory. A simple saliva sample is enough.

  • They make it possible to detect drug use just a few tens of minutes after the supposed intake. This is the reason why law enforcement agencies prefer them.

PharmaDrugTest.com offers one of the most efficient saliva tests available. It can for example detect cannabis 4 to 6 hours after the last intake.

This test detects :

  • THC (the active ingredient of cannabis, found in marijuana, cannabis resin [or hashish], cannabis oil etc.)

  • COCAINE and its derivatives like crack.

  • HEROIN and all opiates such as morphine, opium etc.

  • ECSTASY (or MDMA) and Methamphetamine.

  • AMPHETAMINES, which are found in pill/capsule or powder form, such as speed.

Multi-drugs urine tests

The reference for many years.

In terms of pure effectiveness, urine tests are still ahead of saliva tests, even though the latter are increasingly closing the gap.

In fact, they are not done at the same time. A urine test will not detect drugs if it is done a few hours after use. It takes time for detectable traces to appear in the urine, which usually takes at least 6 to 24 hours.

PharmaDrugTest.com offers you the most adapted test to the broad spectrum prevention we mentioned above. A multitest able to detect the 5 to 12 most consumed drugs.

In the 5-drug version, it detects the following substances:

  • THC (cannabis)
  • COCAINE and its derivatives.
  • HEROIN and opiates.

In the 12-drug version, you can rely on the NarcoCheck® Evolutive® to select the most relevant drugs to screen.

Indeed, this test is constantly evolving, and its composition can change according to the most consumed or most problematic drugs of the moment.

The current version will allow you to screen for substances such as LSD or the New Synthetic Drugs.

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