ID-Test : ecstasy (MDMA) identification test

Ecstasy (MDMA) substance identification test

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Identify MDMA, the active principle of ecstasy on powders and tablets. A few milligrams are enough. A black/purple color indicates the presence of MDMA. Also detects amphetamines, 2C-B and many other drugs.

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The NarcoCheck® ID-Test® Ecstasy is used for the identification of MDMA (the active principle of ecstasy) on powders and tablets.

Very simple to use, this test is based on a wet chemical reaction.

Introduce into the test a small quantity of the substance to be identified, and the granules contained in the ampoule change color. Then compare the color of the granules with the colorimetric chart included in the instructions for use.


Before running the test, the ampoule is completely transparent..

After running the test:

  • If the ampoule turns to PURPLE/BLACK, the sample being tested contains MDMA.
  • If the ampoule turns to RED/BROWN, the sample being tested contains amphetamine or methamphetamine.
  • If the ampoule turns to YELLOW/GREEN, the sample is 2C-B (or another substance of the same family such as 2C-C and 2C-1) or DOB and DOI
  • If the ampoule turns to GREYthe sample being tested contains DXM.
  • If the ampoule turns to ORANGEthe sample being tested contains mescaline.
  • If the ampoule does not change color, or if it takes a different color than those indicated on the color chart, this means that none of the indicated drugs is present in the tested sample.

The test is provided with a colorimetric map to identify exactly the color revealing the substance.

Color chart ID-Test identification ecstasy (MDMA)



    • This test works for tablets (ecstasy pill) and MDMA powders / crystals.
    • It does not identify the mCPP, for which you should use the  NarcoCheck® ID-Test® mCPP.
    • It does not identify the PMA / PMMA, for which you must use the  NarcoCheck® ID-Test® PMA-PMMA.
    • It does distinguish amphetamine from methamphetamine.
    • It does distinguish 2C-B from 2C-C and 2C-1


ID-Test drug identification test (forensic)


Benefits of the ID-Test® Ecstasy / MDMA :

  • 100% legal in any country. It is a simple screening test.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Results in just few seconds.
  • Economical and very reliable.
  • No risk to the environment.
  • No acid neutralization required (bulb can be thrown away).
  • Long shelf life: up to 3 years.


The ID-Test® Ecstasy package contains:

  • An ampoule containing the chemical identification reagent
  • A sampling spatula
  • A colored multilanguage leaflet
  • A zip bag to throw the used test in the trash can



The d'ID-Tests are available in 2 different packagings :

Tube of 1 test

The test is packaged in a single tube, with its instructions for use.

Box of 10 tests.

10 tests are packaged in the same box with instructions. Even more economical!


Important : The results of these tests are purely indicative. To be sure of the composition of the cannabis sample and the exact concentrations of MDMA ou d'amphetamines, it must be analyzed by an analytical reference method such as GC/MS and/or HPLC-MS /MS.

Data sheet

Test typeIdentification of unknown substance
Results inLess than a minute