ID-Test: synthetic cathinones (mephedrone, MDPV..) identification test

Synthetic Cathinones substance identification test

To identify synthetic cathinones (mephedrone, MDPV, methylone, 3-MMC, 4-MEC, etc.) on powders and tablets. A few milligrams are enough. A yellow color indicates the presence of mephedrone, khaki green for MDPV and orange for methylone.

Reference IDT-SCAT-1A
Test type Identification of unknown or suspect substances
Method Chemical reaction
Results in Less than a minute
Reliability Very good
Manufacturer NarcoCheck®
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From 10 to 20 tests $2.70 per test
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About this test

The NarcoCheck® ID-Test® Synthetic Cathinones is used for the identification of presumed synthetic cathinones samples, such as mephedrone, MDPV, methylone, butylone, 3-MMC, 4-MEC, etc.

Very simple to use, this test is based on a wet chemical reaction.

Simply introduce a small amount of the substance to be identified into the test. The reagent in the ampoule will change color. Then compare the color obtained with the colorimetric chart in the instructions for use.

Before the test, the ampoule is completely transparent.

After the test, the result can be interpreted using the following colorimetric chart:

Colorimetric card: Synthetic Cathinones test

Quick and easy to use

The benefits of the ID-Test® Synthetic Cathinones

  • 100% legal in any country. It is a simple screening test.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Results in just few seconds.
  • Economical and reliable.
  • No risk to the environment.
  • No acid neutralization required (the ampoule can be thrown away).

In the package of the ID-Test® Synthetic Cathinones

You will find:

  • An ampoule containing the chemical identification reagent.
  • A sampling spatula.
  • A colored multilanguage leaflet.

This test is a professional device used to help identify presumptive drugs or narcotics in the form of powders (fine or agglomerated), crystals, tablets, or some specific plants. It is not designed to test "anything and everything" (food, beverages, biological materials etc.), and particularly everyday products (household, gardening, cosmetics etc.) which contain various chemical compounds that can trigger unexpected reactions, and thus cause false or erroneous results.

Like any rapid test, this test delivers a purely indicative result. To know or confirm with certainty the composition of the sample, it is necessary to analyze it with a reference analytical method such as GC/MS or HPLC-MS/MS. The use of this test must therefore be done with full knowledge of the fact that no rapid screening test can be 100% reliable.

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The ID-Tests are available in 2 different packagings:

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