Detection of Synthetic Cannabinoids in cannabis (Pack K2+K3)

Pack of two complementary tests to check the presence of synthetic cannabinoids in cannabis samples or other solids. Contains one test for the 2 main classes: K2 and K3. With 15% off on both products!

Reference IDT-K2K3-PACK
Test type Substances identification.
Detection of cutting products on plants.
Method Chemical + Immunologic
Results in 5 minutes
Reliability Very good
Manufacturer NarcoCheck®
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For testing the presence of synthetic cannabinoids in plant samples (cannabis, CBD...)
-15% off the price of both tests

How to know if a cannabis or CBD sample has been cut with synthetic cannabinoids?

The K2+K3 pack is here to help you clear the doubt!

Composed of 2 individual tests, one for K2, the other for K3, this pack allows to detect the presence of these 2 main classes of synthetic cannabinoids.

What do these tests detect?

For K2

the main molecules detected are of the type:


For K3

the main molecules detected are of the type:


Benefits of the K2+K3 Pack

  • Good deal! -15% off the value of both tests if purchased separately.
  • Broad spectrum screening of synthetic cannabinoids in cannabis.
  • Two safe and easy to use tests.
  • Testing and results in minutes.
  • A quick and effective harm reduction solution.  

This test is a professional device used to help identify presumptive drugs or narcotics in the form of powders (fine or agglomerated), crystals, tablets, or some specific plants. It is not designed to test "anything and everything" (food, beverages, biological materials etc.), and particularly everyday products (household, gardening, cosmetics etc.) which contain various chemical compounds that can trigger unexpected reactions, and thus cause false or erroneous results.

Like any rapid test, this test delivers a purely indicative result. To know or confirm with certainty the composition of the sample, it is necessary to analyze it with a reference analytical method such as GC/MS or HPLC-MS/MS. The use of this test must therefore be done with full knowledge of the fact that no rapid screening test can be 100% reliable.