Xylazine detection test (in powders or on surfaces)

Allows the detection of Xylazine used as a cutting agent in Fentanyl, heroin or other drug samples. This test can also detect invisible traces of Xylazine on surfaces and objects.

Reference IDT-XLZ-1C
Test type Detection on surfaces and objects.
Detection of cutting products on powders and liquids.
Method Immunochromatographic
Results in 10 minutes
Reliability Very good
Manufacturer NarcoCheck®
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About this test

The NarcoCheck® IDetect® Xylazine is a test for the detection of Xylazine in powders, solids, liquids or on surfaces.

Xylazine (zombie drug, tranq) can be used as a clasic drug of abuse, but also as a cutting agent for several other drugs, mainly opioids, such as heroin and fentanyl. A few cases of methamphetamine and cocaine cut with Xylazine have also been reported.

This test is a risk reduction tool, which detects Xylazine in different ways:

  • To detect the presence of Xylazine in powders, crystals, tablets, liquids etc..
    Only a few milligrams of the test substance are required. The test then allows you to know explicitly if the sample contains Xylazine, by a positive or negative result.

  • To detect invisible traces of Xylazine on surfaces and all types of objects.
    The sterile swab provided in the kit allows the collection of residual microscopic particles present on any object, utensil or support that has been used to handle Xylazine. The test then clearly identifies these traces with a positive or negative result.

Also called Xylazine presence test or Xylazine contamination test, this detection kit can be used anywhere, simply and within minutes.

Quick and easy to use

Frequently asked questions

Xylazine is originally an anaesthetic used in veterinary medicine. It is known under the trade name Sedaxylan® (injectable solution for dogs, cats, horses and cattle).

Being inexpensive and easily accessible, Xylazine was then used to cut other medications or drugs sold on the black market. Today, Xylazine is increasingly used as a cutting agent for certain opioids such as heroin and Fentanyl.

In addition, some users are intentionally mixing their opioid medications with Xylazine to prolong the effects.

While Xylazine has been diverted from use since the 2000s, it was in 2021-2022 that alerts concerning this type of wild adulteration increased, mainly in North America, where Xylazine quickly became infamous for causing numerous health accidents.

Xylazine provides analgesic and euphoric effects, but also attention disorders, intense sedation or even delusions and hallucinations.

But if Xylazine has been nicknamed "zombie drug", it is because it can cause severe necrosis.

This is because Xylazine reduces oxygenation of the skin. Xylazine users then see the development of abscesses and deep wounds, which can degenerate into necrosis that can lead to amputation.

The effects of Xylazine on the skin and flesh can be absolutely devastating.

Xylazine can also cause overdoses, especially when mixed with other substances, including opiates such as heroin, fentanyl, oxycodone etc.

Simply analyze the substance with the test provided in the NarcoCheck® Xylazine detection kit.

The operation takes no more than 5 minutes.

This test can be used to determine if Xylazine has been used as a cutting agent for heroin, fentanyl or other drugs.

The benefits of the IDetect® Xylazine

  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Perform the test and obtain the result in a few minutes.
  • Economical and reliable.
  • Immunological test, more specific and much more sensitive than a chemical test.
  • Can be used as a test for Xylazine in Fentanyl or Heroin.

In the package of the IDetect® Xylazine

You will find:

  • Multilingual instructions for use.
  • A sterile collection swab.
  • A collection vial containing a dilution liquid.
  • A rapid test for the identification of Xylazine.

This test is a professional device used to help identify presumptive drugs or narcotics in the form of powders (fine or agglomerated), crystals, tablets, or some specific plants. It is not designed to test "anything and everything" (food, beverages, biological materials etc.), and particularly everyday products (household, gardening, cosmetics etc.) which contain various chemical compounds that can trigger unexpected reactions, and thus cause false or erroneous results.

Like any rapid test, this test delivers a purely indicative result. To know or confirm with certainty the composition of the sample, it is necessary to analyze it with a reference analytical method such as GC/MS or HPLC-MS/MS. The use of this test must therefore be done with full knowledge of the fact that no rapid screening test can be 100% reliable.

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