5 panel drug test dip card

5 in 1 multi-drugs panel dip card

NarcoCheck NarcoCheck



Check the 5 most commonly used drugs in a single urine test.

Cannabis, Heroin, Cocaine, Ecstasy and Amphetamines.

Very easy to use, this multi-drugs test is the ideal solution to make a first review of the situation.

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Screen the 5 most commonly used drugs in 1 time !

The NarcoCheck® multi-drug test is the ideal test for those who want to maintain a wide vigilance without having any particular knowledge about narcotics.

Whatever the drug that could be consumed, this test would reveal it with a reliability of more than 99%!

Screening for the following 5 drugs:

  • THC : Cannabis, Marijuana, hashish...
  • MDMA : Ecstasy
  • COC : Cocaine, Crack
  • MOR : Morphine, Heroin, Opiates...
  • AMP : Amphetamines

A single test to check everything at the same time.

Simple to use and very quick to carry out, this multi-drug test is the best way to quickly make a first picture of the situation.

The NarcoCheck® test will allow you to:

  • Prevent risky behavior by maintaining regular and deterrent vigilance.
  • Be alerted from the first drug consumptions, in order to act before the addiction settles, when it is still possible to backtrack.

When running this test?

Generally, young people begin to use drugs with friends, in a recreational way. Risky behaviors will thus have a better chance of being identified by a drug test if it is done in the hours following the typical occasions of consumption (evenings, weekends with friends, festivals, etc.).

How often?

The frequency of testing must be sufficiently important to maintain a high level of dissuasion, so that people who are tempted to cross the line are convinced that the game is not worth the effort.


Data sheet

Test typeUrine
ReliabilityUp to 99%
Results in5 mn
Detection time1 to 5 days (depends on substance)
Cut-off (detection standard)--Multiple-- More details Less details

Cut-off details

NarcoCheck® MULTI-DRUGS (5 en 1) URINE TEST

Substanceconcentration (ng/ml)
THC (cannabis, marijuana, hashish...)50 ng/ml
Cocaine, Crack300 ng/ml
Morphine, Heroin, Opiates...300 ng/ml
Amphetamines1 000 ng/ml
Ecstasy (MDMA)500 ng/ml