Caffeine urine test

This test strip detects caffeine consumption (coffee, caffeinated tablets, etc.), or more simply, the presence of caffeine in your system.

Reference NCE-CAF-1S
Test type Urine
Cut-off (detection level) 1'000 ng/ml
Maximum detection time 1 to 2 days after the last intake
Results in 5 minutes
Reliability Excellent (≈99%)
Manufacturer NarcoCheck®
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About this test

The NarcoCheck® CAF rapid test strip is an immunoassay for fast the detection of caffeine in human urine.

The presence of caffeine in the body is generally due to the consumption of caffeine-containing products such as coffee or caffeine-containing tablets.

Caffeine is found in the seeds, nuts and leaves of a number of South American and Asian plants.

A member of the methylxanthine class, caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. And for some people, it's a real drug of abuse. In fact, it's probably the most widely consumed psychoactive drug in the world.

Caffeine can lead to a mild form of drug dependence - associated with withdrawal symptoms such as drowsiness, headaches and irritability - when an individual abruptly stops consuming caffeine after repeated daily intake.

Performed in just 5 minutes and extremely reliable, this test will enable you to detect any presence of caffeine in your urine.

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Sensitivity / Specificity

Cut-off Details

NarcoCheck® - Caffeine urine test
Acronym : CAF
Cut-off (sensitivity) : 1 000 ng/ml
Specificity :
Compound Cut-off (ng/ml)
Compound Cut-off (ng/ml)
Caffeine 1 000