Fentanyl test

Fentanyl test

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Used for the early detection of Fentanyl use in urine samples. Extremely sensitive and accurate. ISO 13485 certified.

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Fentanyl is an opioid analgesic, with effects up to 100 times those of morphine, but these effects last less. It is used in the treatment of chronic pain, when it requires the use of pain medications based on opiates.

This strip allows the detection or the monitoring of its use, with a reliability of 99%


Data sheet

Test typeUrine
ReliabilityUp to 99%
Results in10 mn
Detection time1 to 3 days after use
Cut-off (detection standard)10 ng/ml More details Less details

Cut-off details

NarcoCheck® FYL 10 ng/ml

Substanceconcentration (ng/ml)
Norfentanyl (metabolite du Fentanyl)10 ng/ml
Alfentanyl600 000 ng/ml
Buspirone15 000 ng/ml
Fenfluramine50 000 ng/ml
Fentanyl100 ng/ml
Sufentanyl50 000 ng/ml