Tramadol test

Tramadol test

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Urine test for the detection of tramadol use. Up to 99% reliable. ISO 13485 certified.

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The NarcoCheck® TML rapid test strip is an immunoassay for fast the detection of tramadol use in human urine.

Tramadol is an analogue of codeine. It is an analgesic that acts on the same type of receptors as morphine.

This substance may cause dependence, but it appears to be less strong than that caused by other opiate derivatives.

Tramadol can be used abusively in an addictive context, just like codeine.

This urine strip allows the detection or control of its use, with a reliability of 99%


Data sheet

Test typeUrine
ReliabilityUp to 99%
Results in5 minutes
Detection time1 to 3 days after last intake
Cut-off (detection standard)100 ng/ml More details Less details

Cut-off details

NarcoCheck® TML 100 ng/ml

Substanceconcentration (ng/ml)
Tramadol100 ng/ml
N-demethyl-tramadol250 ng/ml
O-demethyl-tramadol100 000 ng/ml