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Zolpidem urine test

Zolpidem test

NarcoCheck NarcoCheck



This strip tracks the consumption of Zolpidem, which is a very powerful sleeping pill.

Fast and easy to use.

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The NarcoCheck® ZOL rapid test strip is an immunoassay for fast the detection of zolpidem use in human urine.

This urine strip detects the consumption of Zolpidem. This hypnotic drug belongs to the class of benzodiazepines. It is used as a sleeping pill.

It can be found under several trade names, such as Stilnox®, Ambien®, Dorlotil® or Zoldorm®.

A simple urine sample will let you know in 5 minutes if this drug is consumed by the person being tested.


Data sheet

Test typeUrine
ReliabilityUp to 99%
Results in5 minutes
Detection time1 to 3 days
Cut-off (detection standard)50 ng/ml More details Less details

Cut-off details

NarcoCheck® ZOLPIDEM 50 ng/ml

Substanceconcentration (ng/ml)
Zolpidem50 ng/ml