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    Discover all the latest articles on our blog about drug testing, news about drugs and testing, advice for parents, businesses and drug users, harm reduction etc.

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  • Advice for PARENTS (6)

    Discover our articles for parents and families. Here, we cover topics such as the use of drug testing in your family, signs to watch for to detect drug use, practical advice for talking to your children about drugs, methods for establishing or restoring dialogue, prevention strategies, as well as different ways to support and help a child facing addiction

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  • Advice for drug USERS (2)

    Find here our information and advice posts about the use of drug tests in the context of risk reduction related to the use of psychoactive products or road safety. We cover topics such as the different types of tests available on the market, the advantages and limitations of each type of test, as well as the best practices to follow according to the results.

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  • Advice for PROFESSIONALS (1)

    Discover our information and advice posts dedicated to professionals and companies who wish to deploy a prevention policy through the use of drug testing. We cover topics such as the benefits and challenges of a workplace testing policy, the different testing options available, and best practices for implementing an effective and ethical testing program. We also provide tips on how to effectively communicate the testing policy to employees and ensure confidentiality of results.

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  • Drug and alcohol withdrawal (2)

    Read our articles on the different methods of weaning yourself off drugs and alcohol. You'll find practical advice to help you overcome the difficulties of quitting drugs and alcohol, as well as help and support for friends and family in the withdrawal process. Discover effective strategies for overcoming the challenges of withdrawal, understanding the mechanisms of addiction, and finding the support you need to achieve your goal.

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  • Alerts and Press Releases (1)

    In this section, we share urgent information, such as health alerts on drugs or psychoactive substances, prevention and harm reduction messages, press releases (official or not) on drugs and addictions, and any other information of an urgent nature.

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